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Q: How do I prevent burn-in on my new plasma TV screen?

A: Plasma screens are more prone to burn-in during their first 200 hours of use. When phosphors are fresh, they burn more intensely as they are ignited. Do not leave static images on your plasma TV screen for more than an hour, turn off your unit when you are not watching it and do not pause DVDs for more than 20 minutes at a time. Many plasma manufacturers have installed anti-burn settings in most new models.

Q: On most cameras, why is there a delay after I push the shutter release button before I can take another picture?

A: There are many reasons for a delay. Some are:

  • The camera must set the focus, exposure time, white balance, etc.
  • Charge up the CCD (apparently it can't hold the charge for long, so it does it right before you shoot)
  • Copy the image out of the CCD into RAM
  • Compress the image after it's been taken
  • Write the image to the flash memory
Newer cameras are getting faster and faster though!!

Q: Why doesn't my cell phone battery stay charged as long as it used to?

A: Most cell phones use lithium ion batteries. They last about 400 recharge cycles, and gradually lose their ability to recharge sufficiently. If your phone is a couple of years old and the battery isn't charging up well, it may be time for either a new battery or cell phone. Contact your carrier or the phone's manufacturer for cell phone battery suppliers.