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Q: How long does it typically take to receive service?

A: A technician contacts you within 24 to 48 hours of reporting the claim to make an appointment. They typically prioritize their claims based on severity of the problem and will service your issue as quickly as possible.

Q: Is the Guardian Angel service plan transferable?

A: Yes it is.The original owner needs to call the Customer Service Department at 1-800-661-7313 and provide the details of the new owner.

Q: Is the Guardian Angel service plan renewable beyond 5 years?

A: Depending on the item it may be renewable on an annual basis after the primary service period is about to expire. To determine if your item is applicable for the renewable feature, please contact either your original retailer or a Phoenix A.M.D. International customer service representative.

Q: How to I prevent mold or mildew from developing in my front load washer?

A: Always leave the door and dispenser unit slightly ajar after the laundry is done. Front load washers and the detergent/softener dispenser drawer must dry out. Never leave a wet wash load in the washer for too long. Liquid detergents such as the Excelsior HE laundry soap may leave less residue than powdered formulas which may not dissolve properly and always clean your washer as per your product manual.

Q: Do I have to use HE detergent in my front load washer? Or can just any detergent be used?

A: HE laundry detergents are concentrated laundry detergents that are low-sudsing especially for use with low water high-efficiency washers. If regular detergents were to be used in front-loading and high-efficiency washers, the presence of too many suds could confuse washing cycles, causing delays and making proper rinsing of clothes difficult. Only HE detergents should be used in HE washers.

Q: How important is it to empty my dryer lint filter after every load?

A: When your lint filter becomes plugged, it restricts the outflow of heated air, which can cause your dryer to overheat. This can increase the risk of fire starting in your dryer. It is important to make sure it is emptied regularly.

Q: Is it normal for my front load washer to vibrate so much?

A: All models of washers can vibrate for various reasons. Front loaders tend to vibrate more than top loading washing machines because they have a much faster spin cycle. Several things can cause a washing machine to vibrate and there are various ways of solving the problem. Some issues that cause vibration are unleveled feet, if your stacking kit is not installed properly or is missing for stacked washers and dryers, having an unbalanced load, insufficient floor bracing or not enough stability in the floor underneath the machine. Anti-vibration products are available to help prevent these types of problems.