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Q: Where are the cleaning instructions located on the cleaning kits?

A: You must peel back the label on the back of the cleaner for the cleaning instructions on each one of our products. Remember to ALWAYS test a small, inconspicuous area of the furniture first before using any Excelsior cleaning product. REACT QUICKLY! Apply stain remover as soon as possible. Warning-Heat, hot water and detergent may permanently set stains

Q: How can I tell what my furniture fabric is made from and how to clean it?

A: It is a requirement in Canada and the USA for all furniture sold to have tags stating fibre content. These tags can be found underneath the bottom cushions if the cushions are removable, otherwise tags may be attached on the underside of the furniture. On the tags, the manufacturers will breakdown the fibre content and cleaning instructions for the specific fabric you have.

Q: Is animal damage covered under any of the Excelsior Plans?

A: Although we cover cuts, incisions and perforations on our leather ALL Stain plan, any damage that is caused by an animal is not covered by any of the warranty plans for any finishes, with the exception of animal stains.. Please feel free to give us a call for a referral to a leather specialist in your area if you are having trouble with animal damage on your leather furniture.

Q: What is the difference between cracking/peeling of the finish and discolouration on leather finishes?

A: Cracking/peeling of the finish on leather is best described as the top layer of finish flaking or peeling off of the leather. It is similar to a sunburn on your skin when the top layer of skin peels or cracks off. With discolouration, if it is happening on its own and is not caused by a corrosive, product or sunlight damage is best described as the dye coming out of the leather. In a lot of cases wearing of the leather will cause the colour to come out in the high wear areas. Areas that get a lot of use or have been scrubbed or rubbed will show discolouration.

Q: Are general cleanings covered under any of the Excelsior plans?

A: General cleanings are not covered under any of the plans. The warranties only cover spot cleaning on accidental stains. Accidental stains must be reported within 14 days of the incident.